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Everyone loves a win-win scenario.

So you’re sure to love this one. Introducing Alln1 SuperBlend, the blended multivitamin that puts the science of super foods to work on anyone’s health and fitness. And a revenue sharing program that puts the power of recurring revenue to work on your bottom line. Introduce SuperBlend to your members, and you’ll be giving your captive audience the nutrition they need to maximize the results they want from their workout.

Here's how you keep winning.

Every time they order another month’s worth of SuperBlend, you get another dose of our rev-share program. It’s simple. You carry the product in-store or do it all online. Your staff sells the product to your members in club or signs them up online using a unique-to-your-club QR code. Your unique ID is locked to them indefinitely. Anytime they buy a product or a subscription, your business collects your share — a generous 50% of profits.


SuperBlend gives your members that super boost of nutrition they need and it gives you a revenue boost as well!

Most people, even some of your healthiest members, fall short of their dietary needs. That’s why SuperBlend was formulated to deliver the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals, and vegetable servings to help everyone, including fitness fanatics, fill in the gaps. Our shared goal is to empower your members to keep coming back, day-in and day-out, feeling their best. Low in calories and high in nutrients, SuperBlend is the perfect way to deliver a full day’s worth of nutrition to super charge their performance.

Third-party tested and NSF-Certified for Sport, you can trust that SuperBlend will deliver the results that other supplements fail on. Best of all, members that sign up using your unique code will receive a discount on their order and you will receive a generous portion of the profits through our rev-sharing program. That means the more popular SuperBlend becomes, the more income you earn, simply by giving your members a vital addition to their diets.

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Super praise from Superhumans


“I drink it every morning before my coffee. Some days I feel so invigorated, I even skip coffee!”

Christina Robins

Westlake Village, CA


“This drink will change your life. Truly fantastic.”

Terri Davis

Palm Springs, CA


“You’ve got to try it! I was taking 3 different kinds of pills along with a multivitamin, but now I’ve consolidated my supplements to just Alln1 SuperBlend. It’s got everything I need.”

Laura O'Connor

Houston, TX


“Incredible! Truly incredible! I drink it everyday to stay healthy and energized”

Mike Heronime

Brooklyn, NY


“Wow! It’s amazing to think that I get all the vitamins and minerals I need from one simple drink! Also, extra veggies in my diet, so that’s a plus!”

Hedi Yousefi

New York, NY


“I try to eat healthy, but there are just some days where I miss the mark. Alln1 SuperBlend makes it so much easier to get good nutrition.”

Scott Imposimato

San DIego, CA


“Super easy to make. All this nutrition in such a convenient way.”

David Kennington

Denver, CO


“It’s perfect for my post workout routine. It provides the exact blend of what I need for outstanding recovery.”

Lizzy Wyanta

Plano, TX


“It’s delicious! I can’t believe such a healthy drink could taste this good.”

Kelly Blithe

Los Angeles, CA