It's Superfood
for Superhumans

Delicious • All-natural • Plant-based

The complete nutrition drink with a full supply of daily vitamins & minerals and two full servings of vegetables.

Full day's worth of
vitamins and minerals

Two full servings of

All natural, plant-based, and
vegan friendly

Super delicious and


3rd Party
Tested - NSF Certified Sport

Become a Super You

Become the best version of yourself. And do it with nutrition that fits the way you live. Superfood makes it possible. Order your SuperBlend today.

Simple Science Makes Superhumans

Formulated with the latest scientific breakthroughs that support stress management, energy levels, and proper immunity, all packed into a delicious, wholefood nutrition drink.

Restore and maintain your body with a day’s worth of complete nutrition

Keep your body’s levels of lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin, CoQ10, & alpha lipoic acid at youthful concentrations. Support enhanced energy, improved stress recovery, and maintenance of visual performance, cardiovascular health, skin care, immune function, and neuroprotection.

Essential nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, support a healthy heart and a super you

You will receive a day’s worth of the essential vitamins and minerals that support your metabolism and all cells throughout the body from SuperBlend. High amounts of flaxseed containing 330 mg of essential omega 3 fatty acids to support your cardiovascular, brain, and immune system.

SuperBlend delivers natural nutrition with caloric efficiency

Feed your gut the right way with pro- and pre-biotics alongside digestive enzymes to support a healthy gut microbiome. Optimize digestion and absorption, and transmit proper messaging throughout the body. Supplies 6g of fiber, 3-strain probiotic blend with 10 billion CFUs, and a 10 mg digestive enzyme blend.

Get the right balance of superfood every day

Through a mix of vegetables and greens, SuperBlend provides two full servings of vegetables that support skin protection and improvements to health and longevity, and reduce the impacts of aging.

Fight the stresses of modern life with a SuperBlend of ingredients

The addition of an adaptogenic blend of natural herbs and mushrooms helps the body support healthy
inflammation, and respond to stress, anxiety, and fatigue to create overall well-being. Contains functional amounts of special mushrooms (reishi and chaga), ashwagandha, and turmeric.

Put the science of superfoods to work in your daily routine

There are 32 essential vitamins and minerals that the body requires every day but doesn't make naturally.
SuperBlend not only helps to
provide these vitamins and minerals, but the formula is superior to any other multivitamin in the mass market.

Super praise from Superhumans


“It’s delicious! I can’t believe such a healthy drink could taste this good.”

Kelly Blithe

Los Angeles, TX


“I drink it every morning before my coffee. Some days I feel so invigorated, I even skip coffee!”

Christina Robins

Westlake Village, CA


“You’ve got to try it! I was taking 3 different kinds of pills along with a multivitamin, but now I’ve consolidated my supplements to just Alln1 SuperBlend. It’s got everything I need.”

Laura O'Connor

Houston, TX


“This drink will change your life. Truly fantastic.”

Terri Davis

Palm Springs, CA


“Super easy to make. All this nutrition in such a convenient way.”

David Kennington

Denver, CO


“Incredible! Truly incredible! I drink it everyday to stay healthy and energized”

Mike Heronime

Brooklyn, NY


“Wow! It’s amazing to think that I get all the vitamins and minerals I need from one simple drink! Also, extra veggies in my diet, so that’s a plus!”

Hedi Yousefi

New York, NY


“I try to eat healthy, but there are just some days where I miss the mark. Alln1 SuperBlend makes it so much easier to get good nutrition.”

Scott Imposimato

San Diego, CA


“It’s perfect for my post workout routine. It provides the exact blend of what I need for outstanding recovery.”

Lizzy Wyanta

Plano, TX