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and Help Others Too

When you purchase Alln1 SuperBlend, you help reach suicide survivors and those at risk through our partnership with SPARKLE.

Community and Activity are the Solution

Through your purchase of SuperBlend, together with SPARKLE, we can encourage individuals to take proactive steps in preventing suicide by engaging in activities, practicing relaxation techniques, showing kindness, promoting laughter, and providing education.

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When you buy SuperBlend, you're helping

SuperBlend provides the daily dose of nutrition you need to be Super. And it provides support for people that really need help from someone Super like you. Order your SuperBlend today.


SPARKLE, The Carla Gallup Foundation, was founded in 2023 by Derek Gallup. Carla and Derek were married for 30 years and have a daughter, Christina and a son Tyler. Carla worked in the Fitness industry for 10 years prior to choosing to be a stay at home mom who successfully raised two great kids, one who graduated from UCLA and the other is attending UC Berkeley.

In 2020, the US government shut down most positive outlets for mental health such as beaches, parks, churches and gyms and made businesses essential that masked pain with new addictions such as fast food, liquor stores, dispensaries, casino and strip clubs. At this time Carla (like many others) suffered from depression, anxiety and insomnia. During this time, we agreed that what happened was that Carla lost her SPARKLE. She fought valiantly for 2.5 years, but sadly lost her battle with mental illness in October of 2022.

As Derek and family found ways to deal with grief and loss, we found some amazing organizations to help with suicide prevention and survivors of suicide loss. However, we found that none of the organizations we connected with to have activity, fitness and nutrition as the key pillars to help with prevention and for survivors while helping to remove the stigma associated with mental illness. Our mission now was to turn pain into purpose.

The board of SPARKLE is made of up of an experienced team of leaders who have been affected by mental illness in their families including Chris Smith, CEO of Fitness World with 16 locations in Vancouver, CA and Mark Corey, President of Arrowhead Insurance Group in San Diego, CA.

SPARKLE is working to help the fitness industry create a larger impact on mental health by helping to raise awareness and funding for mental health and survivors of suicide loss programs. Additionally, SPARKLE will bring groups to fitness facilities and other recreational activities who will benefit from group activities including exercise, relaxation, education on helping topics such as nutrition, sleeping, meditation, therapy, community and more.

You Can Help

When you purchase SuperBlend, a portion of the profits goes directly to SPARKLE to help them in their mission to create a world without suicide.