California Prop 65

Why does my product carry the message "WARNING: This product contains lead, a chemical recognized by the State of California to cause birth defects or reproductive harm”?

This notice is mandated by California's Proposition 65, a legal requirement encompassing over 900 diverse chemicals and substances, both man-made and naturally occurring. Notably, even commonplace items like "aspirin" and various metals, whether naturally existing or synthetic, are included in the Proposition 65 list.

Curious why your competitors' products lack such a warning?

All companies selling products in California must adhere to Proposition 65 regulations. We are unable to speculate on the reasons why other companies may choose not to provide a Proposition 65 warning.

What is Proposition 65 all about?

Proposition 65 is a California "right to know" law compelling companies to inform consumers if their products, including food, contain or pose exposure to chemicals listed by the state.

Does this product pose a risk to reproductive health?

All our products undergo rigorous safety testing. Proposition 65 warnings are obligatory when the level of a chemical in daily exposure exceeds 1/1000th of the amount demonstrated by scientific studies to have no discernible impact on reproductive health.