Understanding California’s Proposition 65 dotFIT’s Commitment to Safety

Why You See Proposition 65 Warnings on Some Products

Proposition 65, formally known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, requires products sold in California to include warnings if they contain even trace amounts of any of the over 800 naturally occurring chemicals identified by the state as potentially causing cancer or reproductive harm. It's important to note that these warnings are mandated even if the chemicals are present in trace amounts far below the levels associated with actual harm and ONLY applies to California.

Comparative Standards

California’s Prop 65 standards for substances like lead and cadmium are significantly  stricter than those set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), FDA (US Food & Drug Administration), WHO (World Health Organization) and other global bodies.

Additionally many of our products carry the NDF Certified for sport label. This is an additional step to ensure that our products are safe and accurately labeled.

All dotFIT products either meet or exceed broader safety requirements, even when they carry a Prop 65 warning.

Understanding Safe Harbor Levels

California sets 'safe harbor levels' for Proposition 65 chemicals at amounts 1,000 times lower than the levels at which no effects were observed in lab tests. These conservative levels are designed to protect users but do not necessarily indicate a direct risk of cancer or reproductive harm from typical use.

Our Safety Standards and Testing

At dotFIT, ensuring the safety of our products is our foremost priority. We rigorously test all our products to meet and exceed FDA standards. Our comprehensive quality control measures are designed to ensure that each product is safe for its intended use.

Chemical Levels in Context

Many of the chemicals listed under Proposition 65 are naturally occurring or can be absorbed from the environment at trace levels. Consider that these same chemicals/compounds are unavoidable, and exist even in the produce you purchase in the grocery store, however the produce does not require labeling.

Understanding Heavy Metals in Foods vs. Supplements

Recent studies, including analysis of various fruits, show that fruits like strawberries and raspberries can contain significant levels of lead and cadmium. For instance, consuming just a single serving of certain vegetables could expose you to amounts of lead that exceed California’s Prop 65 threshold.

This data highlights that everyday foods can expose consumers to as much, or more of these metals when compared to dietary supplements which carry Prop 65 warnings.

Transparency and Our Commitment

Transparency is key at dotFIT. We believe in providing our customers with all the information they need to make informed decisions about our products. We are committed to answering your questions and addressing any concerns you may have about product safety.

The Benefits of Our Products

While we take care to ensure compliance with all safety regulations, we also focus on the benefits our products offer. dotFIT products are designed to support a healthy, active lifestyle and provide targeted nutritional benefits as part of a balanced diet.

Nutrient Concentrations and Formulations

Our supplements are designed for optimal efficacy and bioavailability, making them among the most potent and safe on the market.

While some companies reduce nutrient levels to avoid Prop 65 warnings, dotFIT opts to meet California’s strict standards without sacrificing product quality.

Our products may contain higher doses of crucial nutrients, reflecting our commitment to effectiveness and health benefits.

Testing and Transparency

We ensure safety through rigorous third-party testing.

Certificates of Analysis are available to verify that our products meet safe levels as determined by governmental and other recognized standards.

Many other supplement brands may lack Prop 65 warnings because they are not tested for lead or cadmium, though they may exceed California’s limits.

Navigating Proposition 65 Compliance

Companies navigate Proposition 65 in various ways. Some opt to invest heavily in legal battles to avoid labeling, while others, particularly small companies, are not required by law to include warnings due to their size. Government entities are also exempt from these labeling requirements. At dotFIT, we choose to comply with Proposition 65 not only by law but in the spirit of full transparency. We believe in educating our customers about the safety of our products, ensuring you understand the rigorous standards we adhere to, even when it means including a Prop 65 warning when it’s not necessary. This commitment to honesty and education underpins our promise to offer only the safest and most effective nutritional supplements.

Safety and Efficacy

dotFIT only provides safe and effective products that are used by our own families, emphasizing our trust in their quality.

All of our products are 3rd party tested to ensure the highest standards of safety. dotFIT products exceed all standards set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), FDA (US Food & Drug Administration), WHO (World Health Organization) and other global bodies.